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Lords Homeo Ruta G - 30 ml

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Lords Homeo Ruta G - 30 ml

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Lords Homeo Ruta G - 30 ml

Lords Homeo Ruta G - 30 ml

Description :
Causes and Symptoms for Lords Ruta Graveolens Old neuralgias, stinging, tearing, burning pains, especially in the lower extremities, about the eyes; faceaches. Ruta has special affinity to tendons, cartilage, and periosteum especially in injuries and effects therefrom are relieved. Tendency to the formation of deposits in the periosteum, in bone, in tendons, about joints. Ruta is aggravated from cold, wants everything warm. Ruta is a painful medicine, but is slow in producing symptoms, hence it of a chronic nature. A prolonged use of Ruta 3x has relived the ganglion in front of left wrist. Mind and Head Apprehensive anxiety, low spirits and mental relaxation. Throbbing or tearing pain in the forehead is relieved with Ruta. Benumbed or bruised feeling of side lain on, the patient can be irritable, or the opposite-good-nature. Eyes, Ear Weak, pressive-like pain in right eye, with dimness of surrounding objects. Eyes red, hot, and painful from sewing or reading fine print indicates the medicine Ruta. Eyestrain followed by headache. Crushed pain in cartilages of the ear is resolved with Ruta. Mouth and Throat Swelling and erysipelas on forehead on the face is relieved. Sense of a lump in throat during empty swallowing is resolved with Ruta. Gums bleed easily in Ruta patients. Stomach and abdomen Unquenchable desire for cold water, drinks much, Frequent odorless eructations. After eating there is sudden nausea ; pinching in stomach after bread and butter indicates Ruta. Gnawing pain about navel with Colic; with burning pains in children, from worms. Stool and Rectum A powerful action on the rectum is seen in Ruta,Tearing stitches in rectum when sitting Tearing in rectum and urethra while urinating is relieved with Ruta. Constipation; from inactivity of rectum or impaction of feces following mechanical injuries indicates Ruta. Rectum protrudes immediately on attempting a passage indicates Ruta. Pain in rectum when sitting. Great soreness in rectum as from ulceration. It is a useful remedy in piles and stricture of the rectum. Urinary complaints Pressure on bladder, as if continually full with scanty green urine, Constant urging to urinate, could hardly retain urine. Ruta is useful in Involuntary micturition at night in bed, and during day when walking. Male complaints Varicocele following a strain is resolved. Female complaints Very irregular, too early and too profuse menses with Scanty, discharge of blood lasting only two days. Corrosive white discharge after irregular or suppressed menses is resolved with Ruta. Back and Extremities Pain in lumbar region and coccyx as after a blow or having been struck indicates Ruta. Backache better pressure and lying on back. Lumbago worse morning before rising. The flexor tendons especially flexor tendons that are over strained by exertion indicates Ruta. Legs give out on rising from a chair, hips and thighs so weak Ruta often suits in various surgical conditions; periosteal troubles from injury. Over straining of tendons, nodules formed in the tendon; lumps, bunches, is resolved with Ruta. Thighs pain when stretching the limbs. Generalities Feeling of intense lassitude, weakness and despair is relieved with Ruta. lame sensation all over as after a fall; worse in limbs and joints The Ruta patient wants to change position frequently. Pains that are aggravated in cold, wet weather, and better by motion. Periosteal trouble where the flesh is thin over the bone; over the tibia.
Additional Information :
Dosage and rules while taking Lords Ruta Graveolens Take 5 drops in half cup of water three times a day. You can also medicate the globules and take 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician. We recommend you to take under physicians guidance.
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